Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning MJ

Well, MJ Rosenberg is back again on the Huffington Post. He's saying mostly the same things as before but unfortunately for him new developments continue to prove him wrong.

This time we are talking about Iranian sanctions/negotiations, and just like always Rosenberg claims that American foreign policy is dictated entirely by Jews AIPAC. We might as well get it over with first.
"AIPAC and its congressional cutouts go wild at the thought of negotiating with Iran."
"The sanctions law in question is a creation of AIPAC and has been at the top of its agenda during this entire Congress. If Obama waives it, Netanyahu would use the media to make sure that his displeasure was known. The lobby, the Republican presidential candidate and even many of AIPAC's Democratic cutouts on Capitol Hill would all scream bloody murder."
Be sure to notice that Netanyahu can control the media, apparently. I mentioned earlier that this was bad timing because although Rosenberg can possibly explain the anti-Iranian nuke stance of America through the presence of Jews AIPAC, he can't say the same for other countries. Like China:

"After a visit to the Gulf in which he met the leaders of the states most threatened by Iran's aggressive foreign policy, Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, issued Beijing's clearest condemnation yet .
"China adamantly opposes Iran developing and possessing nuclear weapons," he said."
Oh noes! The Zionists are taking over China now too! This is of course ignoring all the other countries that have been also sanctioning Iran. And the foreign policy conference in Bahrain that we discussed earlier that had Iranian nuclear power as a top item on their agenda. But no. I guess it's easier to just say "AIPAC AIPAC AIPAC" all the time and stop thinking about it. That's how you keep the Huffington Post readership after all.

Anyway the only other section of note was an actually pretty good question from Rosenberg:
"Why is it relatively uncontroversial to negotiate with the Taliban — who harbored the terrorists who killed 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001, and who have terrorized millions of Afghans for decades — but the idea of talking to Iran is considered beyond the pale?"
Naturally his answer is "AIPAC AIPAC AIPAC," but allow me to actually give this a modicum of thought. Could it be that nuclear weapons are just a little more important than who controls Afghanistan? And could it  be that after seeing Iran run rings around the IAEA year after year, America and the rest of the world aren't so willing to take them at their word? Sorry if that rains in on Rosenberg's left-wing agenda. But considering how easily he'll blame the Jews for anything and everything, I'm no longer entirely sympathetic towards his point of view.

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