Monday, January 23, 2012

More Comments of the Day

As I said earlier, you can go to just about any page in the Andrew Adler thread and find blatant anti-Semitism approved and vetted by the Huffington Posts' moderator staff. So to prove this I went to one and what did I find down at the end but a perfect example:

This comment is informative on many levels.

1. We have a moral equivalence between Andrew Adler talking about a potential scenario in which another group might kill President Obama and a hypothetical someone actually killing Andrew Adler. I hate to be combative, but I don't think talking about someone being killed and killing someone is quite the same thing.
2. This expected response of "Jewish groups" to accuse the entire country of America of "anti-Semitism." As someone who actually does study anti-Semitism, I haven't seen that. Maybe someone could show me an example of that but I'm not going to hold my  breath for it.
3. Obviously, the declaration that this is "why Jews are always attacked" is obvious anti-Semitism, since it means that all Jews behave like this man or it excuses racists who believe that they do.
4. Not that it matters, but it isn't incitement, imo.
5. And of course notice the 10 favorites.

Next up we have a response:

Now I don't want to sound judgmental, but it seems to me that if all you need is one fringe nutcase down in Georgia to get you to change your opinions about Jews in general, you were prone to it already. And finally we have a "Christian" response to that:

I must admit that I don't know who the "they" are in this comment, but it does sound like he is talking about Jews. I guess when it comes right down to it the Huffington Post takes all kinds.

UPDATE:  Here's a nice comment that earned 10 favorites:

Happy now, MJ Rosenberg?


  1. The curious, or not so curious thing is that they purport to moderate. But I think that's done by the posting system by and large w/o human intervention. It seems to flag specific words, kicks them out for a humanoid to review. By and large though not everything actually is moderated. And not every post in a moderated thread is moderated. For me though the incongruous thing is even posts which are purportedly moderated are often subsequently deleted and then whomever wrote them is often banned. Kind of makes you wonder who's in control of the madhouse, if anyone. I've been banned innumerable times. And finally they appear to have blocked my IP entirely - for posting purposes.

    By comparison, HuffPo's little skinhead brother, has essentially gone to a pay to say plan. You can post if you hold a subscription. After being banned there too many many times, I wrote them a long proposal suggesting just such a method. Why? Because it's clear they have no interest in dialog, they're only interested in hearing their own racist insanity parroted back at them. And wit readers paying for that privilege it's less likely they'd pay for a website they hate and entirely disagree with, so it becomes an infinite loops self congratulation. Which is precisely what it HAS become. And that's fine. Salon is now 17 crazy people agreeing with each other about how the Jews killed JFK and faked the moon landing or whatever conspiracy theory they've cooked up this week. A

    In any case, I diverge. HuffPo seems to be headed down that same path. Not that it has to charge people to post but that the 'moderation' as it were has become laughably one-sided. You could paste Hitler's speeches there but for changing a few crucial words here and there and they'd be posted, cheered, commented upon, praised and such.

  2. You want to see some real doozies, take a look at this article

    On a single page...

    "Says the Likud senator from NY. So much , you know, for that whole pot calling the kettle black thing. "

    "Both of these Israel firsters should be thrown out of office. The recent article in the Atlanta Jewish Times suggesting that the Mossad assassinat­e the POTUS for his insufficie­ntly zealous Israel worship should be a wake up call to all Americans that their foreign- and even in some areas, domestic- policy has been hijacked by a foreign entity.
    America gained its independen­ce from one foreign entity; now it is in danger to becoming enslaved to the interests of another. "

    "Schum think more about US and stop pandering for Israel... "

    "This is not suprising coming from Charles "I was chosen by God to be Senator to protect Israel" Schumer. "

    So basically, business as usual

  3. Henry Siegman rewrites UNSC 242
    “Those circumstances may also induce the Security Council to invoke the "default setting" of Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, which clearly is not the permanent retention by Israel of the occupied territories and the permanent disenfranchisement and dispossession of the Palestinian people, for resolutions 242 and 338 explicitly rule out the acquisition of territory as a result of war, no matter which side started the war.”
    Mr. Siegman is also a non-resident research professor at the Sir Joseph Hotung Middle East Program of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
    UoL must have really low standards.



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