Sunday, January 15, 2012

More MJ, More AIPAC

As it has become our task as chroniclers, MJ Rosenberg has returned and with him accusations of "AIPAC controlling America." This time the article is one of many crying crocodile tears over the latest bombed Iranian scientist. We see the bias right from the start, in the url of the page (which is notably different from the actual title of the article):

"Was It An Israeli Terror...something" appears to be the original title of this article. I guess in the mind of MJ Rosenberg only Israelis can be terrorists. Unfortunately, in terms of new insight this article isn't going to have much, as no one knows much of anything about really went down on that fateful day.

As I said before, we're not as well informed about the Iranian nuclear program (or lack thereof) as some other bloggers might be. Rosenberg is sure that they don't have one based on the ever fluctuating word of the IAEA and the testimony of Leon Panetta. Remember him?

Anyway, even though I don't have much to say about the question of Iran's possible threat to America or Israel, I do have something to say about the tired refrain of "blame AIPAC." And we get it a lot in this article:
"Sanctions' only effect is to please AIPAC, which has made confronting Iran central to its mission. AIPAC writes the sanctions bills, Congress passes them, the president signs them, and the Iranian people (not the regime) bear the brunt of the effects."
You know, the usual. Of course this explain why other countries around the world are also sanctioning Iran, unless they have their own mini-AIPACs also ruling with an iron fist. Or, more likely, AIPAC controls America and America controls the world. That must be it! Also, it's kind of funny that Mr. Rosenberg is complaining about sanctions here because further up the page he quotes Jeffrey Goldberg as saying that sanctions are now being more effective. Though naturally, Rosenberg is quick to return to blaming America and Israel. This is the Huffington Post after all. Here is the second example, emphasis mine:
"In theory, at least, the Netanyahu government benefits. An Iranian nuclear scientist is dead (32 years old, presumably with a wife and kids). Any chances for dialogue or successful multilateral negotiations diminishes. And, if Iran responds in any way, U.S. neocons (including Congress, which will recite its AIPAC talking points) will intensify calls for war."
Yawn. Funny how among certain other groups that will remain nameless, it's expected that when dialogue doesn't get them what they want they will take matters into their own hands. Apparently that doesn't apply equally to all peoples. I do think it's funny how he considers the entire U.S. Congress to be "neocons," however. Even the Democrats. I'm not a mind reader but that sure sounds like an extreme left point of view.

Rosenberg then introduced a talking point that was immediately parroted across the Huffington Post:
"On the other hand, actions like these against civilians in one country endanger civilians in others. Imagine how the United States or Israel would react if Iran or even Canada started bumping off nuclear scientists (or anyone else) in Washington."
Hm. Good question. I can't say for sure how the "neocon" US Congress would react, but I have a pretty good idea I know how MJ Rosenberg would react:
"This is our fault. We should have known better. We had all the signs: The rhetoric from Iran's prime minister, the sanctions from the United Nations. They told us many times that they didn't trust us with nuclear weapons. But no, oh no. We had to be the big men. The neoncons in Congress just had to have their nukes in defiance of the rest of the world. The only way to put things right is to allow the UN free access to all our facilities and stop all work on weapons immediately. And also execute all the member of the Lobby who forced us into this terrible situation."
Either way, it's a good day to blame the Zionists on the HuffPo. Just like every day.

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