Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, Same HuffPo Obsession

Hello everyone, happy new year and happy holidays. Sorry we haven't updated yesterday or today, our various vacations took longer than expected. Normal updates will resume tomorrow as usual, but in the meantime here is a very obvious case of the Huffington Post milking a story for all they can.

One of the major stories this past week was a story about a young Jewish girl in Israel who was set upon by religious Jewish extremists, which gathered 4,000 comments:

Most of which were generally anti-religion, but some were anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Anyway, at this point the Huffington Post editors thought to themselves "Hey, here is an opportunity to get some extra clicks, so let's draw out the story as much as possible!" And they proceeded to do exactly that:

The other threads, as you can see, didn't gain nearly the same popularity. This is informative because most newspapers (even ones in Israel) would only give this story one article and update it with information about President Peres and more demonstrations. But here the so-called "Internet Newspaper" that supposedly has to prioritize somehow managed to find space for what is in the big scheme of things not a big story in the first place. It is, in my humble opinion, rather telling.

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