Thursday, January 26, 2012

News the HP Buries: Abbas Edition

In an unprecedented move for the Huffington Post, it actually covered the news that the Palestinian Authority pulled out of talks with Israel. But of course, it had to put its special spin on the topic:

First, note the headline. "Abbas Says Talks Are Over," not, "Palestinians Pull Out of Negotiations" or "Abbas Walks Away." I'm sure if Israel had been the one to say the talks are over, we could have expected a headline of that caliber.

Second, the tags. This article was only in Israel, not the front page or World section. If you read the World section of the Huffington Post, you'll have to scroll down pretty far to find it. Because the HP doesn't really want you to see it, even though it did cover it.

1 comment:

  1. It continues to amaze me that even when the facts are right there in b/w,
    IE: Abbas walks, Abbas refuses to negotiate, Abbas ends talks, and so on. However you want to read it, or state it, the fact remains that Abbas ended the talks essentially before they began, yet the pro-Palestinian crowd STILL blames Israel for the talks breaking down.
    Never have I seen a group of people in such denial. A denial that runs so deep that even facts in b/w in front of them, don't matter.
    Truly unbelievable.


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