Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Pipe Bombers Arrested

Somehow this news of the evil Israeli apartheid system of checkpoints stopping two terrorists didn't make the Huffington Post World News section.

"Military Police forces working at the Salem checkpoint caught two Palestinians carrying 10 pipe bombs, a gun and several bullets. The bombs were dismantled and the Palestinians were turned over to security forces.

An initial investigation suggests that the soldiers detected two Palestinians in their 20s approaching a checkpoint near the military court carrying two bags. After a check they discovered the contents of the bags. 
Last week, a Palestinian man trying to cross a Jenin checkpoint was caught in possession of 11 explosive devices.

"An investigation of the previous incident suggests that the suspects planned on carrying out a terrorist attack at the court," the battalion commander Lt. Col. Erez Raven said. "The other side is not familiar with our MOs which change from time to time and we raised our alert level in the past week. There were no terror threat alerts.""

The Salem Military Court is scheduled to discuss a hearing on the sentence of Amjad Awad, one of the murderers of the Fogel family. "

But remember, Israel trying to keep people like these two gentlemen out of the country is extremely racist.

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