Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Huffington Post, Israel Singled Out

One of the most common forms of bias we see among anti-Israel talkbackers and pundits is the "singling out" strategy. For example, criticizing Israel for having checkpoints at major entrances to their country but not criticizing America for having TSA checkpoints. Or criticizing Israel for using drones while not criticizing NATO for using drones. This is all excused because Israelis are "Zionists" and therefore evil.

I would not have expected the Huffington Post to engage in that kind of bias but as usual, they are always willing to sink lower just to stir up their already anti-Israel readership. And we have a perfect example of that today:

Yes, that's right. The one country in the entire Middle East where Christians aren't oppressed for their beliefs, and that is the subject of the latest hit piece by the Huffington Post. Here's the major takeaway:
"Christians have the lowest growth rate among the Israeli population, according to a recent report from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics."
Wow really? That's not very shocking. Certainly not worth a whole article in the Huffington Posts' "Religion" section. If the article was not intended to try and "prove" that Israeli Jews try to make the lives of Christians harder, it certainly came off that way. Which in turn led to the typical HuffPost reaction:

 And so on and so forth. Meanwhile, here's what doesn't get covered by the Huffington Post:

Bethlehem Christians are almost all gone because of Palestinian mistreatment.

Thirty years ago, Lebanon was 60% Christian; today it is barely 25%. This does not merit an article apparently.

Persecution of Christians rising in Iran and Syria.

Or the hundreds of examples from all across the Muslim world.

Nope! Better play it safe and stick to bashing Israel for not being good enough. As usual.

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  1. Another story Huffpo will not cover

    Christian canaries in an Arab coal mine
    “Nearly 100,000 Copts have fled Egypt since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, chased by a series of increasingly violent pogroms at the hands of fanatics while the military often looked the other way. The country’s estimated 10 million Copts are the original inhabitants of this land; some can trace their origin to the Pharaonic period. They later converted to Christianity, centuries before the Arab conquest.”



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