Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Palestinians, Bathrooms, and the Huffington Post

We have long known that the Huffington Post is the Internet equivalent of a tabloid magazine. Its behavior has always been to publish whatever they feel will get the most clicks, which is exactly why anti-Israel propaganda has become a self-perpetuating cycle. What we don't often comment upon is their tendency to publish anything if they can get SHOCK or HORROR in the title. Generally this comes up in stories about celebrities (one of the HuffPo's top earners) or strange crimes somewhere in America. But this time around this story crossed our path, of a Palestinian woman imprisoned by her father:

Now it goes without question that this is a terrible story that deserves attention. However, out of all the stories about Palestinians, especially Palestinian women, this is what the Huffington Post chooses to focus on? They ignore the Palestinian woman who encouraged children to die as martyrs days after being released from jail, or this woman who bragged about killing Jews, or any number of other abuses toward women perpetrated by Hamas in Gaza. The only way that they will cover a story about a woman Palestinian being abused is if they can blame it on Israel (of course) or if they can blame it on a Palestinian individual and not their government or society.

Now for the comments. Unfortunately, there was some examples of Muslim baiting in the first couple of pages. However, when looking at the top favorited comments they were all criticizing other posters for attacking Muslims, Arabs, or Palestinians in general for the actions of this one individual. And of course expressions of rage toward her father, which we would expect, and declarations that "this happens in America too!" No one, as far as I could see, was demanding that Muslims around the world condemn this man for his actions either. It's encouraging to see so many Huffington Posters quick to fight against any expressions of racism...I just wish they had been doing the same on the Andrew Adler thread.

Finally, here are your requisite "blame Israel" comments:

This is still the Huffington Post, after all.

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