Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Biased Moderation

The "Israel Lobby" article leeched from the Guardian that we discussed earlier has done its job of gathering more than 900 comments. Most of them are the usual: Blaming the Jews Israel for everything, and a rehash of the same old Iran-related discussions that we have been seeing for months if not years. However, I thought this conversation was informative. Take a look at the original post first:

 Apparently you are allowed to straight up lie about Israel and make ridiculous accusations (including another post elsewhere that declared "AIPAC controls American foreign policy.") But if you try and argue:

Only one point of view is allowed. Now it is possible that all those comments were abusive in their own right (there's no way to know), but somehow I don't think so.


  1. Shock!


    The Huffington Post removes comments!

    Just like the Huffington Post Monitor!

  2. Without any responses LondonDavid will never realise it was ‘53 not ’52 and Mossadegh rose to power after arranging the assassination of Haj Ali Razmara.
    “On March 12, 1951 the Majlis voted to nationalize Iran’s oil. A spectator in the gallery is reported to have shouted "Eight grains of gunpowder have brought this about."
    At least he didn’t use the cliché “the CIA installed the shah”.

    Iran the first democracy in the middle east, as if.

    Isn’t Norman Finkelstein still unemployed? I don’t think terrorist loving Norman can lecture anyone on being civilized.

    People should certainly read about the bombing of the British Mandatory authorities and while they’re at it the role of John Bagot Glubb in the Arab legion.



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