Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's Attacks on A HuffPo Blogger

I know we don't talk about US politics very much, but Bradley Burston does, and he has written an article criticizing Ron Paul for his views but also praising him for keeping the rest of America honest. Naturally the Huffington Posters, many of whom really seem to like Ron Paul, took issue with his and left Mr. Burston know it in the most personal way possible:

Classy as always.


  1. ^^spam above

    Settlements Not an Obstacle to Peace? Get Serious.

    The popular posts ATM (15 comments, 4:30 NYT) are great, making points about East Jerusalem, withdrawal from GAZA and 242. I’m sure it will go rapidly downhill once the infantile lefties wake up and log on to spew their hate.


  2. I admire Burston enormously and disdain Ron Paul AND the groupie antics of his supporters, but what is the big deal here? This is typical online banter by RP supporters. They say the same thing to me all the time!

    Yank in France

  3. Glad to hear about the commments policy: as much as I enjoyed pointing out that Anonymous/Quentin Bagg was putting up "stupid comments with no merit" numbers on a par with Drew Brees' yardage totals, it'll be nice not to have to deal with his brain-dead babbling anymore.
    As for RP, he would be a horrible President, but I don't see him actually getting close to that, so sorry HP groupies.

  4. nice topic thank you and thumb up !


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