Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today's Holocaust Cynicism

For some reason known only to them, the Huffington Post decided a non-story from Israel was worthy of being included in their "World" section over the break. The story is about a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews who decided to protest while wearing concentration camp "uniforms." Not exactly earth-shattering right? I for one really couldn't care less what ultra-Orthodox Jews do, but apparently the Huffington Post editors saw the words "Jews," "ultra-Orthodox," "Nazi," and "Israel," and knew they had a winner.

Aside from the usual anti-religion comments (which, again, I couldn't care less about) we saw some truly nasty Holocaust cynicism, approved by the Huffington Post moderators:

Be sure to note not only the number of comments, but the "holocaust" in scare quotes down there at the bottom. Is there really any doubt at this point that many readers of the Huffington Post are working through some sort of issues with Jews?

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  1. Actually, the posters have only proven that they are racist bigots, as well as ahistorical imbeciles.

    As for ethnic cleansing, that particular crime was committed by Arabs against Jews. The Arabs who left Israel, with a few minor exceptions, did so to make it easier for their co-religionists to commit a further genocide against the innocent Jewish population.

    But the Jews were ethnically cleansed by the Arabs from parts of Jerusalem and from Judea and Samaria. Fortunately, these areas were liberated from the illegal occupation of the repulsive squatters and have been returned to their proper owners, the Jews, the indigenous people of the area.


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