Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today's HuffPo-Engineered Hate

It was clear last week that the Huffington Post was looking hard for anti-Israel material to get them more traffic during the holiday doldrums. However, usually their search is a little more subtle than what turned up on December 27th. Here is the headline:

Now check out how far you have to read the article to find the actual story:

How many paragraphs is that? Nine? Up until then the article is about the latest fighting in Gaza. As for the City of David controversy, it's classic Huffington Post: All a group needs to do is declare their intention to do something that might be controversial and they immediately get a headline. There is absolutely no reason to believe that anything would be built, let alone damaged, anywhere in Jerusalem from this article. But that didn't stop the Huffington Post readership from engaging in their usual extreme rhetoric. Here's a small sample:

Yes, that's a very measured and reasonable reaction. And here's a little anti-Semitism just to round it out:

That's the Huffington Post for you.


  1. It is a real pity that these posters are not hanging around the rocket launchers in Gaza. After a few well-placed strikes we would not have to read so much drivel.

  2. A “largely Arab neighbourhood” after being made judenrein by Jordanians.



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