Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Typical Huffington Post User

I would like you to meet a settled Huffington Post user who often flies under the radar:

What could his user name be referring to, you ask? Here may be a clue:

Hmm...well, if you are still wondering, here are a sample of some of his comments:
You are incredibly biased-and that shooting [at a Jewish federation that killed a woman] was years ago. The Jewish Federation of Seattle is a very right-wing Jewish organizati­on. You can't advocate the destructio­n of the Palestinia­n people without expecting anyone to ever react back to you.”
I read there was a study done by an extreme Zionist on "muslim beards" costing the American tax payers around 400 million dollars...­welcome to the US Of Israel.” 
­Israel is a trigger-happy pariah state that will hopefully soon cease to exist-this is for the sake of all humanity, Jew and gentile alike. Secondly, they shouldn't have a peace treaty with Israel anyway.” 
Maybe it's just a coincidence. Nice to see the kind of people that the Huffington Post attracts, don't you think?

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