Friday, January 27, 2012

When in Doubt, Spin Spin Spin

It's becoming clear to me that the Huffington Post has a mission to criticize the Palestinians as little as possible in favor of blaming everything on Israel. Fortunately, or perhaps not so fortunately, we have a perfect example of that today. There was a new article in the "World" section and here is the basic gist:
"RAMALLAH/JERUSALEM, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Israel has presented Palestinians with its ideas for the borders and security arrangements of a future Palestinian state, in a bid to keep exploratory talks alive, Palestinian and Israeli sources said on Friday. 
However, Palestinian officials said the verbal presentation by Israeli negotiator Yitzhak Molcho at a meeting on Wednesday was a non-starter, envisaging a fenced-off territory of cantons that would preserve most Jewish settlements."
In other words, Israel presented a peace plan (just like always) and the Palestinians rejected it (just like always). Now how do you think the Huffington Post would have spun it were the Israelis rejecting and the Palestinians proposing? Perhaps "Israel rejects Palestinian border plan?" But since they didn't, we are left with this:

Maybe I am being unreasonable since they just copied and pasted the headline from the Reuters article, along with the text. But let's not forget the clearly biased picture of Netanyahu looking angry. In the end, it's the typical Huffington Post bias: Palestinians "stand firm," while Israel "rejects peace."

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