Monday, February 20, 2012

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day: "Moneychangers"

Posted on just another Iran-Israel thread (context is a poster asking what Iran has done to deserve sanctions):

Ancient prejudices, still around today. And HuffPost approved.


  1. Every newspaper that I have ever read includes the caveat, for op-eds and letters from readers, that "the views expressed by the writer are not necessarily those of the editor or of this paper."

  2. IMac sounds like another Greenwald sockpuppet.

  3. It is one thing to have various points of view presented by authors with which the management of the website or newspaper might or might not agree. However, this is a moderated site, and we are entitled to believe that when posts containing anti-Semitism are left by the moderators, that when Israelis are never presented as human beings, when topic after topic is slanted against Jews, that the management believes as the worst of the posters do.

    1. So, when comments are posted, and left by moderators, containing Islamophobia, when Iranians, Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks and so on - and on - and on are not presented as human beings, we are entitled to believe that the management believes as those posters do.

      And don't pretend it doesn't happen.

    2. I have no idea what the HP management thinks. Our motivation for grabbing these comments is to illustrate the kind of personalities that come to the Huffington Post, post hate, and more often than not receive fans and favorites for their hate. You will note that the comment not only remains undeleted but has received 3 "favorites."

    3. Then you will be posting the Islamophobic rants, calls for Iran to be "turned into a parking lot" and much worse, the depiction of Arabs as less than human, and much much more, because, of course, you are so interested in "balance."


    4. The purpose of this blog is documenting anti-Semitism, and we can barely keep up with that. If you would like to grab the anti-Muslim activity for your blog, we would be happy to cross post anything you write. I never made the claim this blog is interested in "balance" but since you care so much about Islamophobia, I expect you will get right on making a blog of your own.

      LOL ;)

  4. Hi Quentin Baggg!
    You're no doubt familiar with the 1 % v. 99% formula.
    The side you were trying to deflect attention onto is the 1% of hatred on the HP. The side this site refuses to ignore or excuse is the 99%.
    If you want to be a One-Percenter of dealing with hatred, have fun. You'll look and sound like an idiot, but seriously, have fun.


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