Monday, February 6, 2012

Comment of the Day: They Know It's Wrong

MJ Rosenberg has written another article on the Israel Firster smear, which has grown beyond him and which he is proud to lie and say that he came up with. You can read the article if you want, I'm more interested in this 6 favorites comment:

Zach and I see all kinds of logical fallacies employed by Israel haters (mostly because supporting the Palestinians requires your brain to go on long term hiatus), but this is one of the most blatant ones I've seen in a while.

The people in question are insulted by being called "Israel firsters" and this individual, and his 6 friends, take that as proof somehow, that they are guilty of it. And then he further insults their intelligence by arguing that if they "didn't know it was wrong they wouldn't feel the need to deny it."

This kind of confirmation bias is as flawed as it is ridiculous. If I were to write, "All Muslims are terrorists," and then used the large amounts of justified outrage spawning from that as proof that I'm right, I don't think I could convince very many people to see that my way. Only fellow bigots, I guess.


  1. Funny. These same people deny being anti-Semties because they're merely anti-Zionists. Of course, they have to redefine the term Zionist to mean supremacist.

    Thanks in large part to Arianna's need to cater to the massive amount of Jew hating scum, the internet is little more than a shithole.

  2. Big Journalism on the Obama/Soros-”firsters” at MMFA, inc MJ

    Media Matters Digs In Its Heels As Criticism Over Antisemitism Increases


  3. so you are denying you are an israel firster even when you run this website?

    i think you prove the posters point quite aptly

    why do you deny it? do you feel there is something inherently wrong with supporting a foreign country over your own seemingly based on ethnicity?

  4. Anonymous, can you cite anything on this blog that indicates we support Israel OVER the United States?

  5. umm... you guys run a website dedicated to criticising americans who oppose israel's polices.

    It seems pretty obvious that you are israel firsters

    again, why do you deny it? If there is nothing wrong with it then just admit it

  6. No, we run a website dedicating to fighting anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hate speech, regardless of its source.

    I will ask you again, can you cite anything on this blog that indicates we support Israel OVER the United States?

    And there is something wrong with being an Israel firster, which is why I deny that we are them. Israel Firster is nothing more or less than the latest in a long line of smears by Israel haters to try to silence people who disagree with them.


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