Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conflations of the Day

One of the most common accusations thrown from anti-Zionists toward Zionists is that the latter attempts to "conflate" Jews, Israelis and pro-Israel people. The claim is that this is done so that insulting personal attacks on pro-Israel people will seem motivated in anti-Semitism, even though according to anti-Zionists this is not the case. Anti-Zionists love Jews, supposedly, they just don't like Israel or what it does. This is a very common talking point for anti-Zionists to whine about.

If it is true, however, then a lot of "critics" of Israel's "policies" are Zionists in disguise, because in a blog post about Jewish culture they came marching out to drag "Zionism" into a thread about Judaism.

I should also point out that the article was published in the "Religion" section and was not tagged "Israel." In fact Israel was only mentioned once in the entire piece. That means these posters say that it was about Jews and went to the comments section accordingly.

But of course, it's only ever "Zionists" that conflate Jews and Israel.

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  1. They can deny it all they want, but I have yet to meet or read about even one "anti-Zionist" who isn't an anti-Semite. They always out themselves eventually. Some of them may not really understand the depths of their hatred of Jews, and others are not honest about it. But it is always there, always.

    This does not apply to those who make legitimate and realistic criticisms of Israel, naturally. No one is more critical of Israel than Jews, both Israeli and not-Israeli. But the underlying reason for the obsession with Israel has nothing to do with justice or fairness, and everything to do with projection onto Israel and Jews.


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