Monday, February 27, 2012

Daoub Kuttab Doubles Down on Adnan

Last week I talked about Daoub Kuttab, Palestinian "journalist", and the op ed he wrote for the Huffington Post in which he declares his undying love for Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan. After it was pointed out to him that Adnan was a terrorist, Kuttab responded in the comments section:

Kuttab claims that his article is "about his [Adnan] and hundreds of Palestinians being detained without PROOF" etc. But if you read the actual article, it also talks about how great of a guy Adnan is.
"Khader Adnan is a hero by all counts....Thirty three-year-old Adnan, a baker and a father of three, and his wife Randa, became household names to many pro-Palestinians around the world....Thanks to an impressive, courageous man, Palestinians were able to register a victory of sorts."
 Kuttab chose to make the man the focus of his article, not the Israeli policy of administrative detention. He calls him a "hero" and "an impressive, courageous man." It would be different if Kuttab said "this man did something heroic," because even terrorists can do something heroic. If Samir Kuntar rescued a box of puppies from a flood, I would say that was heroic. But I would not call that murderous piece of garbage a "hero" just for doing that, and neither should any person of conscience. Certainly not a journalist, who is supposed to be neutral.

Khader Adnan was the point of Kuttab's article, he's right there in the title. If we're supposed to think Adnan is a hero the way Kuttab wants us to think he is, it makes sense that Kuttab would cover up all inconvenient facts. Note, though, that he mentioned Adnan is a baker and father of three. If, as Kuttab claims in his comment, the article is about Adnan's detention, then why mention he is a baker and father? After all, if his terrorist profession isn't relevant to the article, then why is his home life and other professions relevant?

Daoub Kuttab did not help himself with his comment. Instead, he has shown even more about his dishonesty and propagandist goals.

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  1. Guilt by association defense. Let's remember that one, when one brings up the Irgun and Lehi.


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