Friday, February 24, 2012

Daoub Kuttab's Love Letter to a Terrorist

In his most recent article, Daoud Kuttab leaves the pretense of journalism at the door and fully embraces his role as propagandist. Titled Khader Adnan: A Selfless Palestinian Hero, the article doesn't bother presenting any other evidence besides the Palestinian approved "facts."

Before we examine the article in depth, I'm going to summarize it in two points:

1. Khader Adnan is, as the title says, a selfless Palestinian hero.
2. Israel's use of administrative detention is wrong and unjust.

And here are two facts that never appear in the article.

1. Khader Adnan is a leader of Islamic Jihad, a radical Palestinian terror group dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Adnan has never denied this and neither has Islamic Jihad. In fact most Palestinian supporters don't even try to deny it in favor of simply avoiding the question, as Kuttab does.
2. Administrative detention is used by the United States, the UK, and numerous other countries.

Now, let's take a closer look.

Kuttab leads off with some facts of the case, and then with showering Adnan with praise:
Khader Adnan is a hero by all counts. He single-handedly exposed the unjust Israeli practice of holding Palestinians in extended detention without charge or trial. The military objections committee that is charged with supervising these detentions is a sham.
So, "by all counts", Adnan is a hero just because he went on a hunger strike while in administrative detention. Let's just leave that for itself for a moment.

Kuttab then complains for a while about how the media didn't cover Adnan's story for a while and made the omnipresent but incredibly dishonest Gandhi comparison:
"Of special note was New York Times writer Nick Kristof, who had once written a column challenging Palestinians to use nonviolence. In a column in July 2010, Kristoff called on Palestinians to follow Gandhi's nonviolent resistance tactics.
When Adnan entered his third month of hunger strike, his Twitter account was inundated with messages from people using the hashtag #waitingforkristoff, asking him to cover the Palestinian's hunger strike. He did not."
 Indeed, why didn't Kristoff recognize this genocidal terrorist as the next Gandhi? After all, now that he's been caught and jailed, he can't use violence against Israelis anymore. That must mean he's non-violent, and therefore just like Gandhi! Confused? You should be.

Then, of course, Kuttab uses the typical tactic of using facts to fit his theory:
"The deal calls for Adnan's release in mid-April, once his current four-month administrative detention ends. The Israelis pledged not to renew it.
The Israeli change of heart showed the Israeli claim that he represented some kind of mortal danger to Israel to be a lie."
 So Israel released Adnan after four months, and Kuttab decides that means he was innocent. Of course, simply being part of a terror group is against Israeli law, much less being a leader of one, so that right there is reason enough to hold Adnan. But how would any of Kuttab's readers know that? Kuttab never mentions Adnan is a terrorist.

And then, of course, Kuttab concludes with the usual Palsbara:
"Thanks to an impressive, courageous man, Palestinians were able to register a victory of sorts. It will require many more individual and group actions before a serious nonviolent movement can gather momentum and produce victories that can one day end the Israeli occupation and usher in a democratic and independent state."
Yes, it will be a while before a nonviolent movement can gather momentum. And thanks to this article, which glorifies a violent terrorist, that nonviolent movement will be just a little bit longer in the making. This article, and the people in love with Adnan, show just how disingenuous the Palestinian non-violent "movement" is.  Their motto seems to be "Violent until caught, then non-violent until free."

But, as with the widespread support of Adnan in general, this article tells more about the true Palestinian mindset than it appears. Daoub Kuttab, a respected journalist, had absolutely no problem covering up Adnan's violent past and genocidal ambitions in order to push his talking points of "Administrative detention bad, freedom good." Neither do any of Adnan's other supporters, Western or Palestinian. They don't mind holding up a terrorist as a hero. And then they wonder why they can't get widespread support in America. Like the Fink said, tell the truth!


  1. Arianna Huffington should be ashamed of herself. But she probably isn't.

  2. I was pleased to see how critical the comments were in this article and Mrs Terrorist's article in the Guardian



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