Friday, February 10, 2012

Gadi Baltinsky's Cassandra Moment

Just in case you didn't think the Huffington Post had enough bloggers repeating the endless mantra of "we must save Israel from itself or all is lost," here is one more: Gadi Baltinsky, who is a veteran Huffington Post blogger possibly because he emulates the HP's left wing attitudes so very well. His article is titled "The Lost Voice of American Jews," and we can see that he comes out swinging:
"American Jews need to get involved in domestic Israeli politics." 
Now, by Huffington Post standards this isn't that controversial of a statement. Everyone from Ahmed Moor to Bradley Burston is constantly demanding that American Jews "stand up" to Israel and Netanyahu. But just imagine if Mr. Baltinsky had turned the nationalities around and called for Israeli Jews to interfere in American politics? I imagine there would probably be a thousand comments containing thinly-veiled variations on "the Jews control America." Or even if Mr. Baltinsky had said that America needs to get involved with any other countries' internal issues, he probably would have hit a wall of raging leftists declaring that they are tired of seeing America as the world's policemen and that we should "mind our own business." Once again, one standard for Israel and one standard for everyone else though I doubt Mr. Baltinsky intended for it to come off that way. Just be sure to remember this statement for later in the article.

After a couple of paragraphs talking about some involved American Jews, he comes right out and declares that Israel does affect American Jews, in direct contrast with some of his fellow bloggers who usually try and prove the opposite. Let's take a look at his reasoning:
"The State of Israel was create [sic] to ensure the continued existence of the Jewish people, and not the opposite. In Israel, you can even find those who mistakenly hold the opinion that the State is eternal, while the Jewish people may be a passing phenomenon."
Um, what? You haven't actually proven your point that the Jewish people depend upon Israel and therefore should get involved. If anything you have hurt your own reasoning because it sounds like you are separating the two. Regardless, I'm pretty sure no Huffington Posters will be getting on his back for saying the continued existence of the Jewish people could potentially be at risk at some point in the future. Now, finally we get to the scaremongering:
"In 2015 -- in just three years -- there will be more Palestinians than Jews in the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Shortly after that, Palestinians will stop demanding a state. They will only demand "one vote for one person," as they will integrate into the regional movement demanding democracy, dignity and freedom."
That demographic claim is new, and since he doesn't provide a link I cannot follow his reasoning. The last thing we heard on the subject was that Arab birthrates were declining and Jewish birthrates were increasing. Regardless, this is the same thing we have been hearing for years and so Matt and I already debunked this "problem" here and here. Recent evidence stands against it as well. And as we also mentioned, the Palestinians suddenly shifting their claims from "ancient people" to "Israelis" is not without problems as well. But I'm willing to give Mr. Baltsinky a shot if he can bring something new to the table:
" Then, even if we want to, we will not be able to leave the West Bank, the area where a Palestinian state is supposed to be established. Hundreds of thousand of settlers, who continue to multiply by the day, will represent not only the obstacle between Israel and peace, but also the difference between the triumph of Zionism and its defeat."
Sigh. How disappointing. I thought Baltinsky would have something original for us but instead these are all the same old talking points that we have seen a million times before. No, the presence of settlers (1.1%!) does not chain Israel to the West Bank and never have. Nor would it require annexation. The solution of dividing the land and/or Palestinians accepting settlers as citizens continue to be an option. But it's an option that Baltsinky and his friends ignore because it doesn't fit their capitulation points of view. I don't blame them for holding their points of view but I do blame them for putting on blinders and not debunking potential problems with their theses.

Unfortunately, that is where the article ends! It's the same thing as before: "Zionism" is in danger and if Israel doesn't make peace/surrender immediately then everything will be lost. And Israel is too stupid to do it by themselves so American Jews need to be the ones to make it happen.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that the settlements and the occupation are not domestic issues, they are foreign policy issues. Which means that Mr. Baltinsky's statement up at the beginning of the article doesn't even make any sense. Does he have any examples of actual domestic issues with which American Jews should get involved? Or are we simply going to forget about them? I'm going with the latter.


  1. Rumkowskis and appeasers only want to be the last one devoured by the crocodile they themselves are feeding. But I can promise you that won't happen again.

  2. Dear Zach,

    I'm not sure what you meant by this comment

    "The solution of dividing the land and/or Palestinians accepting settlers as citizens continue to be an option."

    I am hoping you can clarify because I certainly do not believe that this is an option at all unless of course you would believe that settlement communities would prefer to live under the rule of the Palestinian Authority.
    The solution is clear for all - a two-state solution is the only path to peace and the only means to preserve Israelis Jewish and Democratic character. I suggest you also check out


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