Thursday, February 2, 2012

Headline Bias: Slipper Fling

Ready to hear something shocking? The Huffington Post covered Palestinians behaving badly! Ready to hear something not as shocking? They totally spun the story with a biased picture:

Aww. Even when the Palestinians are literally showing a middle finger to the international community we still get to see their point of view featured prominently, as well as the same old crying woman who seems to show up in every story about the Palestinians. Let's not forget either that they flew sticks and stones (which can break bones) in addition to slippers, but somehow that didn't make it into the headline.

Feel free to contrast the pictures of the same story in this newspaper and this one.

Naturally the anti-Zionists, who never fail to cite the UN on all matter of things when it is useful as a weapon against Israel, sided with the Palestinians over this representative of the international community:

I leave it to your imagination what they would have said were it a group of Israelis throwing slippers at the Secretary General of the United Nations.

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