Thursday, February 16, 2012

HP Bias in Pictures: India-Georgia Bombing Roundup

Well, the bombings in India and Georgia have come in and out of the news. The Huffington Post posted several articles about it, none of which contained a picture of the victim. Let's go through them, shall we?

That's right, five articles, no pictures of anything more human interest than a burned up car. If you're curious, here's a picture of the diplomat's wife who was injured in the bombing:

Something you will never see on the Huffington Post. Only Palestinian victims get pictures over there.


  1. No "victim" pictures in the JP either, as I pointed out days ago.

    Just can't let go of any attempt to blast at HP, can you?

    Where is your complaint about the JP?

    Why do you want "victim" pictures anyway? What morbid streak does that satisfy?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    1. The Jerusalem Post had one article about it, not 5.
    2. The Jerusalem Post doesn't have a history of covering up Israeli victims while emphasizing Israeli victims.
    3. The name of this blog is Huffington Post Monitor, not Jerusalem Post Monitor. If you want to monitor the JP, go right ahead.
    4. Pictures of victims causes empathy from the readers. That's why the Palestinians fake photos of victims and send them to newspapers, to win popular support. Publishing pictures of Palestinian victims but not Israeli victims is a deliberate choice on the part of the Huffington Post to generate empathy for the Palestinians but not the Israelis. And that's my problem with it.

    1. That's "covering up Israeli victims while emphasizing Palestinian victims"

  3. Ah, but you see, she is not really a human being, she's a Jew. Jews are never victims, only victimizers. So a lady taking her children to school is a legitimate target (as are her kids) because being Jewish is a provocation in and of itself.

    Also, don't forget, somewhere, sometime, another Jew may have done something wrong, so naturally this lady is supposed to pay for it.

    I am seriously surprised that they didn't have a picture of the Iranian terrorist who blew off his own legs in Thailand with the headline, "Another victim of Israel."

  4. At first glance, you might seem paranoid, but what you are describing is a clear and definite trend at HP.

    One small criticism...when the article was originally posted, the names of the victims had not been released, so it wasn't really possible to have a photo at that time.
    The fact that they even showed the burnt car is a tiny step in the right direction. They could have just as easily used one of a thousand photos they seem to have handy of the neturei karta or Netanyahu looking menacing.

  5. Hang on, isn't that a somewhat hollow apologia?

    Don't you complain, frequently, when pro-Palestinians fail to mention, in their posts, Tibet and other places in extremis?

    I call total bullshit.


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