Monday, February 13, 2012

HP Bias: Terrorism Edition

The Huffington Post saw red meat in a breaking news story about Israeli diplomats being the target of car bombings. They posted not one but two stories about it (of course) and take a look at the pictures they chose to use:

In classic Huffington Post style, we see a lot of faceless drones standing around a burning car, whereas in the past we have seen pictures of grieving families when it is Arabs or Iranians on the receiving end of violence.

The score of Israeli victims' pictures being broadcast on the Huffington Post still stands at exactly zero. Would anyone like to dispute their bias now?

Update: Two more stories about it, still no sign of the victims:

Second update: It has now made the top headline in the World section:

I was surprised to see the reminder that diplomats are being targeted. But it didn't get any sympathy, as the Huffington Posters tripped over each other to blame Israel for being bombed, including claims that Israel was behind the bombings in the first place. And of course, no picture of the victims to be found.


  1. And of course there's the requisite letters which say that Jews secretly control the US government. You know in a way it's good that these insano-tards all flock together where all they can do is make one another stupider.

  2. Do YOU have a picture of the victims?

    Where is the picture of the victims in the JP?

    Ooooooooooops - - - - it's a similar one to one used by HP.

    Where is your criticism of JP, or are you selectively targeting HP?

    (No real need to answer)


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