Sunday, February 5, 2012

HP User Profile: ahetty2000

User ahetty2000 is a new face on the HP for Zach and me, but what he lacks in frequency of posting he makes up for in volume and uncompromising Jew hatred. Here's some of his worst:

Ban Ki-Moon Visit: Palestinians Hurl Slippers
“One can EASILY say that the plight of the jews in Nazi Germany was SELF INFLICTED TOO!!!!

One one side you had the Germans - in particular the Prussians who had a LONG proud history of HONOR and ETHICS - and on the other side you have the jews who were/are ALL about Money, manipulati­on, connivery, and backstabbi­ng. It would only be a matter of time before the two sides clashed!!”
“Israel aping the Nazis - Suprise...­Suprise!!” 

“What BS. Jews - especially Israeli Zionists care about ONE thing and ONE thing only MONEY$$$$$
­$$ Israel is the ONLY country in the world which puts Profit$ over People. We in the US are NOT far behind. Maybe it's time to CUT the Israeli umbilical cord!!!” 
“You are an IDIOT Arthur. If ANYONE has an entitlemen­t mentality it's the Israeli Jew. If something doesn't go THEIR WAY, they right away shout "You';re a Nazi and I'm a HOLOCAUST victim" It's amazing how they have gotten away with this for 60+ years.”  
“Republican­s = money hungry Zionists!!­!
I thought republican­s were CHRISTIANS - and that CHRISTIANS help the poor -you know like JESUS DID!!!!” 
“Unshackle the free market??? Don't the ZIONISTS have ENOUGH CONTROL of our lives!!!!” 

And of course, no leftist anti-Semite would be complete without an ironic post like this one:
Anonymous and the War Over the Internet
“Losers? Just because they want a free UNCENSORED internet. You are the LOSER here James - and I can tell by your comment that you are a TYPICAL REPUBLICAN
­. Go back to your klan rallies RIGHTIE!!!”
 Lovely the kind of people the Huffington Post attracts, don't you think?

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