Friday, February 24, 2012

Huffington Post Leaves No Opportunity for Bias Unturned

As you are probably aware, the Park Slope co-op is one of the targets of anti-Israel boycott "activists." You probably also know that the Huffington Post loves to advertise for anyone who wants to boycott Israel. This becomes even more clear in this latest article, in which even criticism of the boycotters is spun like a top:

There are probably hundreds of people that the Huffington Post could have quoted about why boycotts of Israel are not only a bad idea but also anti-Semitic. But they knew that their readership hates Glenn Beck like the Hatfields hate McCoys, so he was the guy they used to spread this message of "balance." Fortunately most of the talkbackers on this article seem to recognize that even a stopped clock can be right twice a day and agreed with Beck. Others didn't naturally:

Of course. It must be money behind it.


  1. OT did you read the 'letters' underneath this one:

    Der Huffington Zeit straight up and down.

  2. And of course there's TWO articles today about the evil dreaded Zionist invasion of Iran to happen tomorrow morning 7am local time, bringing out the usual gaggle of Nazis.


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