Monday, February 13, 2012

HuffPo's Israel Obsession Turns Ridiculous

We have often made fun of the Huffington Post for being obsessed with Israel and Jewish topics, to the point where they will publish articles that have very little relevance to most of their readership. I'm not sure I ever really believed that it was true, though, until yesterday when the following article was published fourth from the top in the "World" section.

Yes. That's right. Out of all the people who were no doubt upset about Whitney Houston's death, some Israelis were the ones that the Huffington Post decided were worthy of an article.

And just in case you thought maybe this article wouldn't lead to a classic Huffington Post hate parade, sorry to prove you wrong:

I guess the editors got what they wanted. Again.

1 comment:

  1. They missed a golden opportunity to call all Israelis or even all Jews, child killers and worse, There's a group of Black Hebrews in Durham, NC who's leader was indicted on two counts of capital murder last year. In the HuffPoniverse, that's proof enough that the Blood Libel is real.


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