Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Human Rights Watch's Hypocrisy

Even after being exposed as biased many times, Human Rights Watch continues to find a welcome at the Huffington Post. Their latest article is a perfect example of the kind of bias that we have come to expect from the "human rights" crowd.

The article is rather long and detailed, but the short version is that Israel isn't giving the Palestinians free rein to just waltz into the West Bank and Gaza whenever they want. The fact that maybe some family members can't be united because they happen to be living in a freaking war zone apparently is a big enough problem in the minds of HRW to warrant a multi paragraph article on the subject.

Seriously, for a country that is supposedly committing "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" against the Palestinians, the fact that this is all they can complain about regarding Israel is ridiculous. Here's a small selection:
"Israel also barred entry to the West Bank to virtually all Palestinians whom it had registered as residents of the Gaza Strip and refused to allow Palestinians living in the West Bank, but registered in Gaza, to change their registered addresses to the West Bank. "
Gasp! Call the International Criminal Court! Who would have imagined that being in a state of war with Israel might not lead to them doing you any favors? Not that Human Rights Watch will acknowledge this. In fact, let's a look at the only reference they make to Palestinian terrorism (which is, the last time I checked, a human rights violation).
"Israel has also cited the general security situation during the second intifada as a rationale for refusing to process residency and address-change applications. Attacks by Palestinian armed groups killed hundreds of Israeli civilians during that intifada – attacks that Human Rights Watch has repeatedly condemned. However, after the outbreak of the intifada in September 2000, Israeli authorities rejected many Palestinians’ applications for residency without claiming that the individual applicant presented a security threat, and without providing any individual grounds for the denial."
There's some bias for you. The murder of hundreds of civilians is mentioned all right, but only when contrasted with rejected "applications for residency," with the implication that they are somehow equivalent. And even worse, those dead civilians only value to HRW is that Israel might be using them as an excuse to mistreat the poor misunderstood Palestinians. Meanwhile the rocket attacks on Israel go unmentioned. Apparently when it comes to human rights violations, not all humans are created equal.

The only good news is that most of the Huffington Posters passed this one by, though most who remained saw the opportunity to declare Israel an 'apartheid' for daring to defend itself. Just as Human Rights Watch wanted, I'm sure.


  1. I was waiting for thw moment when you were going to point out something bad that was done by human rights watch...

    1. It's an act of mercy to only point out some of the ways that HRW engages in a mix of hypocrisy, amnesia, and outright lying. Sorry Quentin Baggg (0/31), you chose assholes to be your heroes. That's no one's problem but your own.

  2. Of course HRW would never consider that Fatah is behind this, they don’t want to be swamped by Hamas in the WB.



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