Friday, February 3, 2012

Irony Alert: Buried Muslim Taxis

Do you remember how a couple of weeks ago the Huffington Post had a slow news day so engaged in a deluge of articles about the Haredim in Israel? How the anti-Zionists ranted and raved about about how those eeevil Jews were forcing women to sit in the back of the bus? And how they continue to try and claim that this applies to all buses in Israel and not just the ones in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods?

I wonder how they would react to this story, sent to us by a reader, about a Muslim taxi service that caters to Muslims, since men and women aren't allowed to ride in the same car together. Notice that's not "extreme Muslims." Of course, they probably won't even see it since it got thrown into the Weird News section:

So Haredim segregation and abuse of women gets a front page headline in the "World" section, while Muslim segregation of women goes in the "Weird News" section? How shall we interpret that?

Unfortunately, there was some anti-Muslim hate speech in the talkback section, probably due to the fact that it was unmoderated.

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  1. Hey Anonymous, spelled T.R.O.L.L…. get a life. I'll bet my bottom dollar you were one of those who constantly scream about ultra orthodox Jewish women on busses. Oh yeah. No doubt.
    Get a life, for Christ sake.


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