Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jews, History, and Holocaust Cynicism

Huffington Post  blogger Georgette Bennett wrote an article about the removal of Jews from Holocaust memorials. Her post is short so I'm going to reproduce it here:
"Last Friday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. A British associate of mine sent me the link to Archbishop Rowan Williams' message, which was distributed to honor that occasion. Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is Primate of All England and spokesperson for the worldwide Anglican Communion, which includes the Episcopal Church. He is a man of extraordinary good will and an advocate for religious diversity. And yet, he managed to get through almost his entire speech without mentioning the word "Jew." This is astounding! How does one commemorate the Holocaust and fail to mention the major group that was singled out for obliteration? 
The Archbishop's message focused on a powerful theme: the need to speak up for the "stranger" and the "neighbor" and to turn "strangers" into "neighbors." But, in many of the countries in which they were murdered, Jews were not "strangers." They were "neighbors" -- fully assimilated Germans, Poles, French, Dutch, Greeks, Scandinavians. 
The only group Archbishop Williams singled out in his remarks was survivors of contemporary genocides whom he encountered on a recent visit to the Congo. All the horrific genocides that followed the Holocaust must be acknowledged. But on Holocaust Remembrance Day, this doesn't justify omitting any reference to the Holocaust against the Jews. (It was not until the end of Archbishop Williams' remarks that Jews were mentioned, and that was only in an oblique reference to the good work of the Council of Christians and Jews in the U.K.) 
Archbishop Rowan's omission is only the most recent in a worrisome trend. In Rostov-on-Don in Russia, a new Holocaust memorial plaque fails to mention Jews. In Poland, the Gorodische Holocaust memorial makes no mention of Jews. Yet, it was in the notorious concentration camps of that country -- Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka -- that most of the 6 million murdered Jews were systematically wiped out during the Holocaust. Ironically, when Auschwitz was first turned into a museum in 1947, there was no mention of Jews in the official decree. It simply stated: "On the site of the former Nazi concentration camp, a monument to the martyrdom of the Polish nation and of other nations is to be erected for all time to come." 
In explaining the impact of this trend, it wasn't a scholar or Holocaust memoirist who made one of the most eloquent statements that I've seen. It was Polin Travel, a guided tour and genealogy company. "The striking thing is that when you visit those places today, almost nothing is visible of those camps' former existence. The German crime was not only the murder of those people, but also the eradication of the memory of their very existence and the manner in which they were killed. This was meant to be the perfect crime, and its cover-up took a tremendous effort."This poignant observation applies equally to Archbishop Williams' well-meaning statement. Such omissions make us complicit in the eradication of memory. 
Failing to acknowledge the unique targeting of the Jews in the Holocaust effectively does what the Nazis failed to do. It eradicates the Jews by writing them out of history. This seems to reflect a new form of political correctness. In the interest of "inclusivity," we create equivalence between the Holocaust against the Jews and the wide net in which Hitler snared so many other victims.Holocaust denial runs along a continuum. At one end are the mad rantings of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who, contrary to vast troves of historical evidence, denies that the Holocaust occurred at all. At the other end are the well-meaning people who acknowledge that something terrible happened, but gloss over the primary target of that evil -- the Jews. This end of the continuum is, in some ways, more insidious than the extreme position of our Iranian nemesis, because it seems so benign and egalitarian. 
The world stood silent when 6 million Jews were annihilated. In his Holocaust Memorial Day remarks, Archbishop Williams speaks movingly about the need to speak up. But by omitting any mention of Jewish suffering during the Holocaust, we are once again committing the sin of silence."
I believe we have talked before about Nazism being more or less built upon a desire to rid the world of Jews, specifically. If we haven't, it is covered in "Why the Jews" by Prager and Telushkin which you should check out at some point. But basically even though the Nazis did kill many other "undesirables" in their quest to form a purely Aryan world, they only got started because of anti-Semitism. Please read the book as it explains it better than I can.

We wouldn't necessarily expect the bishop in this story to know all of that but I think that Ms. Bennett makes a good point which is that to take the Jews out of the Holocaust is to do a disservice to the facts. Naturally a lot of Huffington Posters didn't feel the same way:

I am doubtful that "moflard," a known anti-Zionist, would just happen to feel that way out of great caring for the Roma. That would be quite the coincidence. Also this post is a strawman since she didn't say not to mention anyone except Jews, she said to mention Jews.

Still, all things being equal, this thread could have been much much worse.


  1. We are perhaps 6 months from HuffPo openly denying the Holocaust, or as they will pose it, 'debating' the veracity of it. Bet real money on this, it's coming.

  2. OT, today, a column about Syrian intransigence. Of course most of the comments albeit a small number are about Teh Evul Jooz (tm)
    Apparently the Jews control the UN as well.

    In a discussion about replacing Assad, there's this nugget guessed it, Jewish world domination.

    This thread about the thwarted attack on the British stock exchange my self professed Muslim extremists, never permitted any comments from the start
    Even though I personally control the UK media, that wasn't me. Sorry.

    And this
    Evil traitorous Jews are at the root of all lies about the peaceful peaceloving Persians of peace.

    But here is today's real Gem. Jews are modern day white slavers. Written by a Rabbi no less.

    Including this one
    asserting Jewish men are either all liars, hypocrites or rapists.

    There's no point even reviewing this
    Ban Ki Moon once again announces that Jewish patio furniture is the cause of all instability and violence in the world.

    Iran's threats to close Hormuz
    All the Jews fault and apparently, three cheers to the freedom loving Iranians when they do it. Death to Israel Death to the Jews.
    etc etc etc.

    On Sharia in the US
    Apparently even if that happens, the Jews are far worse.

  3. FYI the uncropped original of the “Israeli” solder (with an AK!) stepping on a girl photo has been found, it’s from some street theatre in Bahrain.



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