Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MJ Rosenberg Exposes the Duped and Dupers

MJ Rosenberg has written an amazing article about BDS on the Huffington Post.  You should read it, but he makes the case that if you oppose the occupation (as all people of conscience should, blah), you should only boycott companies that profit from it, not Israelis in general. He also cites our Norman Finkelstein video as a source for how the BDS movement is dishonest about its goals.

What's interesting about the article, though, is it divided the HP readership into two rough categories, the duped and the dupers. The duped don't believe Rosenberg, and Finkelstein, and the founders of the BDS movement when they all say the BDS movement's ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. The dupers know that BDS wants to destroy Israel, and are happy about it. It's amusing to watch these two kinds of posts appear in the article, often right next to each other. Here's some examples:

The duped:

And the dupers:

These posts exist side by side in the thread, with no dupers pointing out to the duped that they are deceived, and no duped (apparently) reading the dupers' posts and starting to think they might be wrong.

Finkelstein's video is proven right every day. The BDS movement wants to destroy Israel, but they are incapable of speaking honestly about it, even to their own followers.

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  1. ROFL another thing the left and Arabs have in common chronic disunity.
    I still haven’t heard anyone clearly articulate what discrimination there is against Arab Israelis.
    Also UNGA 194 doesn’t mean what they think it means.


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