Sunday, February 26, 2012

MJ Rosenberg's Hypocrisy (Part 2)

This article continues a response to MJ Rosenberg's attack on "pro-war lobbyists" (aka people who don't match his politics) so if you haven't checked that out yet please do so. At this point he has stopped being general and starts getting personal:
"On Sunday, General Martin Dempsey, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told interviewer Fareed Zakaria that he does not think the U.S. should rush to war. He was speaking after a visit to Israel and long consultations with its leaders."
Okay. What is so controversial about that? (emphasis mine)
"General Dempsey's remarks outraged Prime Minister Netanyahu, whose office put out a statement saying that Dempsey, and other U.S. officials who questioned the rationale for war, were "serving Iran's interests."...Had another foreign leader implied that the head of the joint chiefs was some kind of Iranian agent, he would have been smacked down. But that is not how it works with Netanyahu."
Yes, you read that correctly. Netanyahu thought that Dempsey's political views were helping Iran, MJ Rosenberg drastically spun that to mean Netanyahu thinks Dempsey is working for Iran and had a problem with it. MJ Rosenberg, the guy who takes credit for coining the Neo-Nazi term "Israel firster" and quite literally makes a living by accusing Jews and pro-Jewish gentiles of being traitors, is so very very offended that Netanyahu would imply such a terrible thing. Seriously, I don't care how "critical" you are of Israel's "policies" I think any unbiased individual would agree that the hypocrisy here is off the charts. I remember when Michael Carmichael said that Joe Lieberman was literally an agent of Israel, but I don't remember Rosenberg criticizing him for it. Oh wait, that's because there was no criticism. My mistake.

So having established that accusing people of being traitors is bad, Rosenberg sets off to throw some accusations of his own:
"It turns out that Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were in Israel at the time Netanyahu attacked Dempsey. Rather than defend the American general as these uber-nationalists would do in any other similar situation, they joined the Israeli government in bashing the general..."
Again, it's rather dishonest for Rosenberg in his usual McCarthyist way to make this all about loyalty but when it is really all about politics. If Ron Paul went to Israel (or even Iran!) and went on a tirade about how outrageous it is that President Obama is even considering attacking the poor harmless Iranians, MJ Rosenberg wouldn't say a peep. He might even praise Paul for his courage and for standing up to "The Lobby." Rosenberg knows that this is true. So why pretend otherwise? At least have the guts to come right out and say it if that's what you think. But lest he think I am putting words in his mouth, let's make sure he has a problem with what McCain and Graham did:
"The old adage about government officials not criticizing U.S. policies when in a foreign country has not applied to Israel for years"
There's our third example of hypocrisy. Maybe it hasn't applied to these two, but if so that's only because MJ Rosenberg's hero Jimmy Carter was the one who started the trend. Is Rosenberg not aware that Carter was made infamous for bashing America in such places as North Korea? I guess there's an exception for other Americans who hate Israel like he does. Oh, and here's Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Egyptian TV criticizing the US Constitution. I thought Rosenberg would be happy to jump on her, she's Jewish after all. Oh wait, but she's also a liberal never mind.

But we can't sit too long on such matters, as Rosenberg's high horse is calling!
"The most appalling aspect of the senators' remarks is that their zeal to please Netanyahu and his backers in America has overridden their constitutional responsibility to put the security of the United States above all other considerations. An Israeli decision to attack Iran affects Americans, including their constituents in uniform and, perhaps, just walking down the streets of New York, Washington, or anywhere else here at home."
As I have said many times before I am sympathetic to Rosenberg's point of view but eschewing legitimate argument with personal attack after personal attack doesn't help him. He quotes Lindsey Graham in the paragraph before this and nothing he says or does backs up his claim that Graham puts Israel's security over America's. What he said is that Israel should command their own destiny.

I'm not sure if Rosenberg is aware of this, but there could be drastic consequences for America should Iran go nuclear as well. Do you remember when Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that Iran is a threat to America "on a number of fronts?" Oh wait why would you? The Huffington Post didn't cover it, and I'm sure MJ Rosenberg didn't notice either. If he had he probably would have just called Director Clapper an "Israel firster" and not given it any more thought. But unfortunately for him, American politicians have to evaluate both sides of an issue and not just the one that's hip with Media Matters. 
"As noble as their professed concern for Israel is, America is supposed to come first for United States senators. McCain and Graham ought to be ashamed for standing in a foreign country and blatantly putting the interests of that government before their own. Rest assured, they aren't. They are thinking about the next election and that is what always comes first."
As usual, I'd like to see some evidence that these senators are putting Israel above America, not that I expect any at this point. Still, it's nice to see that Rosenberg can just grumble about elections. Hey! If they are doing what the American people want, isn't that how democracy is supposed to work?

Here's one last bit. You may have noticed that Joe Lieberman, Rosenberg's favorite punching bag, was not included in this article. But don't worry, his readership didn't forget to include him in the classic anti-Semitic accusation of dual loyalty:

As well as more direct statements that Jews Israel controls America:

I'm sure Rosenberg will be on the boards any minute now to correct them.

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