Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More HuffPo BDS Cheerleading

We've discussed in the past how the Huffington Post shamelessly encourages "Palestinian activists" who encourage boycotts of Israel, while downplaying not only the truth about them but also when they fail. An example last weekend is just as egregious as ever, this time falling on the "Religion" section:

This headline is biased on many different levels. First of all, the article is not about "major churches." It is about one church, the Presbyterian church. That's it. And secondly, the Presbyterian church is not considering divestment. Here's what actually happened:
"A major body within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted Friday to recommend that the church vote to stop investing in three companies "until they have ceased profiting from non-peaceful activities in Israel-Palestine.”"
A subcommittee within the PC decided that they should encourage the church to hold a vote about whether or not to stop investing (as opposed to divesting) from three companies who do business with Israel. From this the Huffington Post gets "Major Churches Consider Divesting from Israel."

The inside headline was slightly more accurate as it said: "Presbyterians Consider Divesting From Select Companies In Israel," but even that was wrong because the companies weren't in Israel (they do business with Israel) and the Presbyterians haven't considered anything yet. In fact very little in the real world has actually happened, but anything anti-Israel is considered newsworthy at the Huffington Post, so up it goes. What else is new.

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