Friday, February 10, 2012

More Thinly Veined Anti-Semitism From a HuffPo Blogger

Huffington Post blogger Yousif Nur has written a rather childish article about America and Israel comparing Israel to Mickey Mouse in "Fanstasia." Yes, seriously. You'll feel dumber after having read it. But before we even get there, Mr. Nur has this to say (emphasis mine):
"In November 2002, the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon demanded that the Bush administration should turn its full attention on Iran "the day after" the Iraq invasion was over."
"True to form with the tail wagging the dog -- and it's clear to know full well who does what within Congress -- the drums of war begin to beat steadily, hurtling towards a seemingly inevitable military assault."
It's not exactly Michael Carmichael calling Lieberman an "Israeli agent," but if you don't think Yousif Nur is implying that the Jews Israel maliciously controls Congress, you must be a Huffington Post editor. Unfortunately, this kind of low logic high conspiracy theory thinking has only become more common on the Huffington Post, not less.

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