Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Narwani on Syrian Violence (Again)

Everyone's favorite anti-Zionist blogger Sharmine Narwani poked her head out of hibernation to offer her two cents about the ongoing violence in Syria. As we know, Narwani is very diligent about working for (Arab) human and civil rights, especially Syrian rights, as she supported the march on the Golan last year. In this latest example, Narwani responded to a news article about over 200 Syrians killed in Homs. Naturally, we would expect a human rights activist like Narwani to be outraged:

Oh, wait, no, of course not, she suddenly has high expectations for sources and takes the side of the government over the opposition. And expects us readers to believe the Arab League and the Syrian government rather than Western journalists and Syrian Twitter feeds.

I guess Narwani really wasn't joking when she said her only constant is anti-Zionism. It certainly isn't human rights, or even Arab rights.


  1. so then doesn't this exact same criticism work for you as well?

    You are upset about the syrian violence but not israeli.

    And of course as she pointed out, the syrian violence is unconfirmed accusations, the israeli violence is verified

    1. "And of course as she pointed out, the syrian violence is unconfirmed accusations"

      Dude, are you for real???
      Are you that gullible, or just that ignorant?

      Do you think all the film footage and photos of the cold blooded mass murders of Syrian civilians is actually being shot elsewhere and just labeled 'syria'? And if that is the case, then where do you think these people who are being slaughtered en masse really are?

      What Nerweeni said, that you have fallen for, hook, line and sinker, is beyond denial. It is simply preposterous!

    2. “israeli violence is verified”
      Like Jenin, Al durrah, Tuvia Grossman, Gaza beach blast, Lebanon faketography, Red Cross Ambulance, every accusation of depleted uranium/chemical weapons/ phosphorous etc etc etc.


  2. Hi Quentin Baggg! Missed you.
    I think the point that was made, which you're either ignoring or too stupid to notice, is that people like Charmin there are happy to ignore widespread mass murder of civilians during a period other than wartime when those crimes would undercut figures they admire like Mr. Al-Assad. I know you don't care that Syria is killing its own citizens on a huge scale, I'm only surprised that you think an incompetent journalist's disassembling is a legitimate defense for your disinterest.


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