Friday, February 10, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Norway Losing Jews

The largest newspaper in Norway is expressing concerns that Norway will soon become empty of Jews:

"Norway’s largest newspaper is afraid the country is losing its Jews.

“Norway is in danger of becoming a country without a Jewish population,” the daily Aftenposten wrote in an editorial over the weekend calling on the state to provide more protection for the Jews in the country who are affiliated with the two synagogues there – one in Oslo, and the other in Trondheim.

According to the paper, half of the membership fees from the Oslo synagogue go to security. That synagogue was the target of a shooting attack in 2006.

“Twice the congregation has applied to the Ministry of Justice for support to safeguard the congregation’s buildings. Twice they have been met with a refusal,” Aftenposten wrote. “Minister of Justice Grethe Faremo now confirms the ministry has an intention to reassess the synagogue’s security. This should be natural after the prime minister’s Holocaust speech about nobody being forced to feel unsafe about their religion in Norway.”

According to Aftenposten, less than half of the country’s Jews are affiliated with either of the country’s two synagogues, and these congregations have lost 20 percent of their members over the last decade.
The paper put the number of Jews affiliated with the two synagogues at 819, and said “the numbers are dropping due to migration and marriage out of the community.”

But, the paper wrote, some people are not affiliating because of the fear of being “visible as a Jews.” If that is true it is a sign of Norway’s “bankruptcy,” Aftenposten wrote, adding that the country had a responsibility to protect people subject to violence because of their religious affiliation."
But remember there's no such thing as anti-Semitism.


  1. But let's call a spade a spade. The only reason Norway is 'nervous' and it says so in the article is because once it's been ethnically cleansed, it will be embarrassing for them when other people point out that fact. Norway would like nothing more than a 100% elimination of its Jews as long as no one had the temerity to point out that Norway is, always has been and always will be an antisemitic nation. In fact, much like the Arab world, once it rids itself of all its Jews it will become MORE antisemitic.

  2. Not surprising especially if you follow this site



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