Monday, February 13, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Victoria's Secret Comes to Israel

Another BDS fail:
"Victoria Secrets is coming to Israel: The famous Lingerie, clothes and perfume brand will be sold in Israel through duty free enterprise, James Richardson. The first two stores will be significantly smaller than the American model of large stores.
Negotiations for the brand's franchise have completed and negotiations between franchising enterprise and the Israel Airport Authority have begun. The planned stores will span 100-120 square meters, and will be located inside and outside the airport's duty free compound.

According to estimates, about 300 of the 2,000 items the brand line's carries will be featured in the stores, especially those featured in its beauty line: Beauty products such as perfumes, soaps and lotions are becoming an important share of the chain's sales in recent years, due to low prices and prestigious branding.

The Israeli stores will also offer a variety of accessories including bags, belts and jewelry; as well as selected underwear items that do not require fitting, such as panties, baby-dolls and pajamas. The stores aim to cater to impulse-shoppers and as such will not have changing rooms.

The Victoria's Secrets brand has over 1000 stores in the US, mostly in shopping malls, and over 100 independent stores that feature its beauty products.

For years Voctoria's Secrets refused offers to globalize the brand. Even the Canadian store was opened under a different name. Many Israeli business corporations tried to convince the pro Israel CEO, Leslie Wexler, to import the brand to Israel including the Sakal family, the Gindi family and Rami Shavit."

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  1. Victorias's Secret is already in a number of places in Canada.

    The first Victoria Secret stores outside North America opened in Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

    The Brand’s first Caribbean store opened in November 2011 at Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A second store will open in October 2012 at Sambil Santo Domingo Mall in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    In November 2004, the company opened its first boutique in the UK at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 with the help of World Duty Free.[14] In 2012, Victoria's Secret will open their first 16,500-square-foot (1,530 m2) flagship store on New Bond Street, London [15] as part of two or three stores opening across the city. It also plans further nationwide expansion across the UK.

    The last paragraph is so far wrong it is an outright lie, and Israel is playing catch-up with a couple of handkerchief sized outlets that will only stock a small part of the range.

    Nothing to crow about at all.

    (Hope you get paid for this advert)


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