Friday, February 17, 2012

Night of the Living Palestinian Supporter: Arrigoni Rises

It's not exactly breaking news that Palestinians and their supporters are willing to use some unsavory tactics to accomplish their goals, from blatant war crimes like child suicide bombers to trying to shout down Israeli speakers in public and then complain about being denied their right to free speech. But today I learned just how far they will go.

I hope you all remember the unfortunate fate of Vittorio Arrigoni. A quick recap for those who don't: He was the perfect Western supporter of the Palestinian cause. Spoke the language of "rights" and "freedom," but didn't mind supporting the "resistance" as well. But then he was kidnapped and brutally murdered while he was in Gaza by a terror group. Palestinian supporters everywhere cried over his death and promised to always honor his memory. And of course the Huffington Post gave him prime headline space.

So check out Arrigoni's Facebook page and Twitter:

These screenshots were taken today and as you can see, both social media pages are updating quite regularly. Apparently even death can't stop Arrigoni from doing his part for the Palestinians! Of course one wonders if he did come back to life whether he would stay so unshakably pro-Palestinian, considering who it was who put him in the ground to begin with.

Sarcasm aside, it's pretty loathsome that some Palestinian supporter is hijacking Arrigoni's identity and speaking in his name.  While this is hardly a new phenomenon, if I were a Palestinian supporter I would think twice before putting myself in danger for the cause. If I get hurt or killed, my identity could be the one stolen next.


  1. Well of course, they're accustomed to drag carcases around to advance their agenda. Just look at how they're dragging Rachel Corrie's carcass all over the place! Disgusting. Zero shame.

    1. Get real.

      Israel's supporters drag the carcasses of the Fogel family and others around on an almost daily basis, and that despite Motti Fogel saying "Your life was a purpose in and of itself, and it should be forbidden for your terrible death to turn your life into some sort of tool."

      Come on Matt. You know that's true. Don't censor this reply again. Show just a modicum of integrity.

    2. @Anonymous,

      So Palestinian supporters are no better than the evil, racist "hasbarists"?

    3. When they engage in the "carcass dragging" that BcemXaHa talks about they are both, in my opinion which you couldn't care less about, pretty low forms of life.

    4. Do they? Please link me to the Fogel Facebook page or Twitter account, since you are making the claim they both engage in equally despicable "carcass dragging".

    5. We're talking about comments on HP.

      I don't do Facebook or Twitter.


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