Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Op-Ed So Ridiculous, It Must Be the Huffington Post

If you haven't already seen this blog post by Nathan Gonzalez, here is the gist of it: He thinks Israel should bomb Syria to help the rebels over throw Assad. Naturally this is absurd for a large number of reasons including the fact that the rebels hate Israel even more than Assad does, and not to mention the fact that all of the Israel haters will come charging out of their holes with a new found love for the Syria people. And of course the Arab nations would immediately rally behind Assad. But even Mr. Gonzalez can't finish his article without talking some shots at Israel:
"It is time for Israel to show that its warplanes can do something other than cause Arab suffering -- they can relieve it."
In other words, if Israel doesn't do what he says than that proves they are selfish and only want to make the lives of Arabs miserable. Isn't that great.

Fortunately, the Huffington Posters weren't fooled by Mr. Gonzalez's questionable Syria plan and immediately jumped to blame Israel for it:

Still, it's nice to know things haven't changed that much.

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