Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Patricia DeGennaro Singles Out Israel (Again)

Today more than one hundred people died fighting in Syria, and that includes an award winning photojournalists. For the record, we are also coming up on the one year anniversary of the conflict there. Fortunately, such terrible violence will not stop leftists like Patricia DeGennaro from marching onto the Huffington Post and reciting the same old tired anti-Israel talking points. This time around she is demanding that Israel "embrace the Arab Spring." Yes, that's right. The same Arab Spring that has led to more hatred against Israel. That's some Huffington Post logic for you:
"Nevertheless, while the Arab masses continue to fight for their freedoms, Israel is, in turn, speechless because it realizes that it too is part of the oppression game. Israel is, in essence, one of the oppressors."
I don't know why exactly Ms. DeGennaro continues to believe the tired talking point that this is a "fight for freedom." But if she had been reading the newspaper she would see that Egypt has actually become more repressive since the fall of Mubarak and Tunisia has recently elected an Islamist government. But I guess it's a lot harder to point the finger at Israel when you contrast Israel with Islamic theocracies as opposed to nonexistent Arab democracies. Naturally she calls Israel an "oppressor" for daring to defend itself against the Palestinians (who are not taking part in the "Arab Spring" I notice) before getting into some really out there claims:
"In response, the Israeli government has moved on two fast and furious initiatives. The first is to escalate the annexation of the West Bank by increasing settlements and confiscating land, while keeping Gaza under its thumb with daily aerial bombardments. And the second is to ensure its hegemonic position in the region by directly challenging its only capable opponent -- Iran."
First of all, "daily" aerial bombardments? I think not. Secondly, as much as she has a point about settlements in the West Bank, as her "Israel is always wrong" crowd loves to remind us, the settlements are not a new thing and they did not come as a reaction to the "Arab Spring." So I'm not sure where she is getting this information from, except maybe from the leftist desire to see

It goes without saying that to Ms. DeGennaro and her friends, Iran is always right and never wrong. So I'm not going to say anything more about that. Everything she has said about Iran you've probably heard a million times before so I see no reason to repeat it. It should be noted that the above paragraph is the last time she mentions the "Arab Spring" and instead spends multiple paragraphs dancing the usual song and dance about Iran and the Palestinians. And then she says something stupid (emphasis mine):
"Our bombs today are much more powerful than they used to be. "Today, the B-2 Stealth bomber is capable of delivering 1,280 times the destructive power that the Enola Gay brought to bear on Hiroshima in 1945" says Peter Fedewa in his Ploughshares Fund blog post Nuclear Weapons To Scale. Thanks to the US taxpayers, Israel has twenty-five of them."
Notice the ham-fisted attempt at a cheap shot at Israel.  Unfortunately for Ms. DeGennaro, she has her facts wrong. Only 21 B-2 bombers were ever built, and as close as I can find not a single one of them went to Israel. So for those of you keeping track at home, a Huffington Post blogger just straight up lied to her readership for the purpose of smearing not only Israel but the United States as well. I wish I could say I was surprised.

More talking points: Israel wants war because Jews love killing for no reason at all, Iran is very trustworthy and is always willing to talk, blah blah blah. It takes all the way to the end of the article before we see the Arab Spring again:
"It is time for Israel, and those who support it, to rethink its defensive posture and look at the regional push toward democracy as an opportunity instead of a threat. No, it won't gain friends overnight, but at least it will start to convey that it is a willing partner in the region. A partner that prefers peace and security for all, not just Israelis, as well as one that is against war and destruction not committed to it."
I can't imagine why Israel would see the "regional push toward democracy" as a threat. Oh wait, yes I can. It's always informative to see a left-wing blogger like Ms. DeGennaro go toe to toe with the facts on the ground, and see just how far she is willing to dig in her heels just to blame the Left's favorite targets. Fortunately, not even her own amen corner showed up to support her in much force. It's hard to ignore the reality of the "Arab Spring" this far into it. Just ask Lara Logan.

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