Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peter Hart and the Latest Pandela

Only on the Huffington Post could an Islamic Jihad terrorist be twisted and whitewashed so much that he can be compared to Gandhi. But Peter Hart does it in his article Pundits Waiting for a Palestinian Gandhi? Meet Khader Adnan.

Before we start on this essay, who is Khader Adnan? He is a Palestinian member of Islamic Jihad and has worked in a leadership position within the group. Here is more information about him. Remember that as we go forward.

Hart leads off with whitewashing Palestinian tactics:
For years prominent corporate media pundits have told us that the world -- and the media -- would embrace a dramatic, non-violent Palestinian resistance movement. If only such a movement -- perhaps led by a Gandhi-like figure -- were to finally emerge, we are told, the media coverage will come, and sympathy from across the world will strengthen support for the Palestinian cause.

This is nonsense -- there has been non-violent Palestinian resistance for years. But that fact hasn't stopped pundits like Time's Joe Klein, as recently as last year, from wondering why Palestinians haven't found their Gandhi. Or New York Times columnist Tom Friedman from writing a column (5/24/11) arguing that if Palestinians would simply adopt peaceful resistance, "it would become a global news event. Every network in the world would be there."
 Do you know why non-violent Palestinian resistance doesn't get much media attention? Because there is still an awful lot of Palestinian violent "resistance", something that Mr. Hart doesn't bother to mention. But here's come the good stuff:
"But what about someone, right now, resisting Israeli detention practices? Someone whose hunger strike is attracting attention around the world? That is Khader Adnan. As Ali Abunimah tells his story:
"The 33-year-old Palestinian baker, husband, father and graduate student has refused food since December 18, a day after he was arrested in a nighttime raid on his family home by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank. He has lost over 40 kgs and his wife Randa and young daughters have described his appearance as "shocking."
Adnan, whom Israel says is a member of Islamic Jihad, was given a four-month "administrative detention" order by the Israeli military -- meaning that he is held without being charged for any crime or trial, a practice continued by Israel that dates back to British colonial days.""
 So Ali Abunimah, the Israel-hating host of Electronic Intifada, doesn't deny that Adnan is a member of Islamic Jihad, but Mr. Hart can only skip around it. Let's not forget either that neither Adnan nor Islamic Jihad have claimed that he is innocent, only his apologists like Mr. Hart. When your blogger is less balanced than Ali Abunimah, warning bells should be going off in your head.

And then Mr. Hart wraps up with little to no analysis:
"The pundits who tell us that they crave a dramatic nonviolent Palestinian narrative can write the story of Khader Adnan, who has drawn comparisons to celebrated Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands.
But they are not writing his story. His plight is sparsely covered in the U.S. corporate media, and would seem to go unmentioned by these pundits who seem eager to tell stories like his.
It might lead one to believe that Friedman and his ilk don't really mean what they write."
It's funny, but I don't remember Gandhi killing British civilians until he was caught, and then going on a hunger strike. Ditto with Martin Luther King, Jr. The comparison to Bobby Sands is an accurate one, as Sands was also a member of a terror group (the IRA) and practiced violent resistance well before he was caught and jailed.

No matter how much Palestinian apologists like Mr. Hart can try to spin things, Adnan does not believe in non-violent resistance. He believes in violent resistance, that's why he is a member of Islamic Jihad. Only when no violent options were available to him did he change to non-violence. And someone like that is comparable to Gandhi? I don't think so.

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