Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some HuffPo-Related Paranoia

[From Warped Mirror.]

Well, you’ve probably heard about the far-reaching powers of the “Israel Lobby”, and you might even have heard the rumors about Jews/Zionists/neo-cons controlling the media. But rumors are one thing – hard evidence is something else altogether, right?
The incriminating piece of “evidence” is a post by Arianna Huffington about a meeting she had with Israel’s President Shimon Peres in September 2009.
While the post does convey admiration for Peres, Huffington makes sure to signal very clearly that she remains faithful to the popular slogans of Israel’s “critics.” Indeed, she even manages to sneak in a comparison with Nazi Germany when she recounts her response to Peres’s vision for Israel:
“But, I countered, brains without heart and empathy are never enough. After all, Germany in the 30s was a highly educated country.”
Peres responds by pointing to efforts “to express our empathy in practical terms” and he cites the example of the work of the Peres Center for Peace:
“We’ve brought 5,500 gravely ill Palestinian children and their mothers to be treated in Israel. We’ve also trained Palestinian doctors in — and provided equipment for — fighting cancer.”
In turn, Huffington asserts:
“There is an enormous amount of philanthropy in Israel but the horror of what happened to civilians, especially children, in Gaza continues to overwhelm the good that’s been done.”
Obviously, Israeli children traumatized from growing up under the rocket barrage from Gaza or having suffered personal loss from Palestinian terror don’t figure here, and the question if Palestinians should perhaps be expected to show in any way “heart and empathy” would apparently never occur to Ms. Huffington.
Yet, the fact that she seems impressed by her encounter with Peres is apparently enough to justify – for the so inclined, anyway – the suspicion that “Huffington could possibly be an agent of Israel, working in the shadows.”
This kind of crap is quite common on the anti-Israel left – which is arguably a great gift to those who try to counter the ceaseless efforts to bash Israel: while it is of course not really possible to argue with somebody who thinks theHuffington Post has some “kind of agreement” with “Israel’s ministry of propaganda,” exposing this kind of loony fantasies reveals a lot about the swamp that gives rise to the fervent anti-Israel campaigns.

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  1. This is why Israel should come out with a statement of support for BOTH sides in Syria. The left will literally implode in bipolar rage destroying itself and wishing everyone everywhere a fiery Stalinist death.


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