Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Terrorism Hypocrisy

On the Huffington Post we can be reasonably sure that its readership will more or less echo the left wing point of view: When Western white Christians or Jews do anything violent, they immediately denounce it as "terrorism." Why? I guess because they think it makes them sound cool. But when brown skinned Muslims do something violent, they either try to justify it (usually by calling it "resistance" to something) or blame the victims for it.

We saw a perfect example of this in the Indian bombings thread yesterday. Just as a reminder, here are some Huffington Poster reactions to the notion that Israel might have killed a nuclear scientist:

See? Terrorist terrorist terrorist. But then when a harmless Israeli diplomat's wife is in the firing line:

Suddenly it's all "expected" and "justified." If only this enlightened left-wing understanding could apply to all people, and not just the trendy Iranians.

Here's another example of support for terrorism:

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