Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's HuffPo Pot Stirring

In a repeat of the last time, the Huffington Post took unproven allegations about the MEK killing Iranian nuclear scientists (and Israel's financing of them) and went off to the races, complete with a biased picture:

Contained within the article is no proof, but there is informative sections, such as that the Obama administration is aware of what is going on but is not taking action (indicating approval), and that Iran received the information that they have about the MEK through "interrogation." I wonder what that means.

Anyway, like good little leftists, the Huffington Posters who looked the other way while bombs were going off in Tel Aviv and while Israelis were stabbed to death (not to mention America's policy of assassination by drone) in their homes came out of the woodwork to declare this "terrorism" and that Israel is a "terrorist state." Think I'm exaggerating? Take a look:

We also had this rather disturbing call for more violence against not only Israelis but Americans too. But don't call this poster an "Iran firster:"

I guess the Huffington Poster editors got more than what they bargained for with today's "die Israel die" article.

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  1. Consider the source: Richard Engel
    OLBERMANN: To the point of Neda Sultani, I don‘t know that there‘s ever been a revolution or even a near revolution that did not have an identifiable face, a martyr. You think of everything from Tiananmen Square to Lexington and Concord.
    ENGEL: I was thinking more, you remember Muhammad al-Durrah, the boy who was shot in Gaza .
    ENGEL: . in his father‘s arms .
    ENGEL: . and who became a symbol of injustice? I think this is a—this is a similar moment.
    OLBERMANN: Does putting the human face on this equation change it even in Iran—even in such a tightly scripted culture as Iran?



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