Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Classic HuffPo Articles

On Friday the Huffington Post published a flurry of Israel/Palestinians/Iran articles that all said basically the same thing, none of them particularly positive. For the sake of brevity we are going to look at two of them today.

The first is by Trita Parsi. Who is that you ask? Why he is the President of the National Iranian American Council, the largest Iranian American grassroots organization in the US. He was born in Iran and grew up in Sweden. His article is about how US diplomacy has failed not because of President Obama or because of the hardliners in Iran (of course not) but because of "Israel and its powerful allies in Congress," among other reasons. He doesn't praise Iran's government necessarily but he doesn't much criticize it either. And naturally, he is against the possibility of war (not that we were expecting him to be):
"The Iranian nuclear dilemma is not easily resolved, but neither is it of unprecedented complexity. Humanity has resolved tougher problems. The obvious solution is to accept limited enrichment on Iranian soil under the strictest IAEA inspections, with a transparency and verification regime that renders militarization of the program virtually impossible."
How exactly that would come about, he doesn't say. At this point there has been no indication of Huffington Posters calling Mr. Parsi an "Iran firster" or that the National Iranian American Council "rules America." Be sure to let us know if you see one.

Our second article is by Ahmed Tibi, who you may recognize as an Israeli Arab member of Knesset who behaves pretty much exactly like a traitor on occasion. The Huffington Post can't get enough of him but the reason why he is gracing our presence this time is to complain about Newt Gingrich...again. The ratio of articles about Newt Gringrich's "invented people" remarks about the Palestinians vs articles complaining about it now stands at 3:1, if I recall correctly. And pretty much right out of the start he plays the victim:
"Israel's Palestinian Arab minority -- citizens of the state of Israel -- is regarded by the state as an enemy until proven otherwise."
Aww, poor baby! I can't imagine why Israel would think of you that way! Oh wait:
"Knesset member Ahmed Tibi led a large Palestinian crowd chanting, "with blood and fire we will redeem Palestine," 
Huh. Maybe those aforementioned Arab minority should find someone else to represent them...assuming they disagree with that point of view. And yes, the irony of a member of Israel's government complaining about being treated like an enemy is classic Huffington Post.

At this point Mr. Tibi returns to a fabricated Palestinian pseudohistory, which I don't really see much reason to rehash. He in no way attempts to refute the many Palestinian academics and historians who have come right out and admitted that the Palestinian people were formed to continue the war against Israel, or that they are not an ancient nationality. Instead he relies on weasel words like "our connection to the land goes back centuries." Yes, great. But that doesn't mean there was any such thing as the Palestinian people in the 1500s. He also uses the time honored tactic of personal attacks on Newt Gingrich:
"Since his remarks, the Gingrich super PAC has received $10 million from Sheldon Adelson and his wife to reinvigorate a campaign in dire straits. The first $5 million infusion helped catapult him back into play in the South Carolina primary and the second kept him viable in Florida."
Um, yeah that's great. But what does it have to do with the question of Palestinian national identity? I don't need an Arab who pretends to be loyal to his country to tell me updates about Newt Gingrich's campaign, I can just read a newspaper for that. Speaking of which, are you ready to finish up with some extreme irony?
"But Gingrich clearly set aside common sense in his lust for the White House. He's thrown in with a man who quite clearly seems to put love of a Greater Israel ahead of love for the United States. As some Americans debate the term "Israel firster" and whether or not it is anti-Semitic..."
Yep.  This is a guy who serves in the government of Israel even after proudly declaring that it shouldn't exist and that he doesn't consider himself to be an Israeli criticizing another person's "love" for king and country. We hear hypocrisy from the Palestinians and their supporters a lot, but I didn't expect to find it endorsed by the Huffington Post.

Just kidding. Of course I did.

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  1. Well Mr. Tibi as an Israeli Arab member of the knesset, should be an Israeli firster one would hope. Or if not, then doesn't that make him a traitor to his Country Israel? A Palestinian firster shouldn't be a member of the knesset esp. when they likely support a one state solution.


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