Monday, March 12, 2012

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day

Posted in one of the Gaza threads, specifically the one about Israel killing a "militant commander":

But remember, Israel has nothing to do with Jews.

The original link.

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  1. "MarcEdward".
    Jew hater
    Palestinian terrorist sympathizer
    Palestinian "firster"
    Palestinian apologist
    (big fat) liar

    But I wonder,
    where in the Middle East is a place called "North Carolina"?

    **"Of course, if you supported the terrorist murder of Iranians, you have no grounds to complain about some rockets.”
    **"Of course, there'd be no need for a ROR if the Israelis hadn't driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes at gunpoint in the first place. See, life is easier if you don't do evil acts.”
    **"If Israel was only defending herself from external attack, it'd be one thing. The Settlements and the IDF presence in the Occupied territories is not "defense".”
    **"I would say that I don't see a difference between a terrorist bombing and the USA blowing up cities - both are acts of terror in an attempt to win a goal. I would say that if Israelis had "better things to do" than fighting, they wouldn't be putting up settlements in the Occupied territories, they would have accepted the Arab League peace plan years ago.”

    And these are some of his calmer and friendlier posts.


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