Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anti-Semitism? Huffington Posters Leap To Defend

As we mentioned before the Huffington Post covered the news of a new ADL study about worldwide anti-Semitism. You can read the article yourself here, which I recommend. However, some intelligent soul decided to make the comments thread for this article unmoderated, and an outpouring of anti-Semitism the likes of which we haven't seen in months came pouring out. We listed the anti-Semitism in another post but what's truly amazing about this thread is that even though we are constantly told that Israel is not a Jewish state and has nothing to do with Jews, now tons of HPers are using Israel's actions to justify anti-Semitism. Beyond that, they attack the ADL because the ADL tells them exactly what they don't want to hear: That white people can be victims too.

So people who would never dream of defending any kind of bigotry by blaming the victims do exactly that, once the victims are Jews. Here's one to get you started, and then click the link to continue:


  1. They're owned by AOL, yes? Seems to me that someone far better organized that I am should mount a protest INSIDE the next AOL shareholder's meeting. Buy one share, it entitles you to attend. Let AOL management feel the heat for a change instead of Leni Riefenstahl Huffington.

  2. So, this time, all anti-Semitism in the world, all of it, is due to Israel. If Israel had not come into being again there would be no Judenhass whatsoever.

    So, what accounted for it in 1930's Europe? What did we do to cause it then? And what about the time before that, how were the mass slaughters our fault?

    What these "people" proclaim is monstrous; that we should only be allowed to live if we live as their slaves and do exactly what we are told. Otherwise it is absolutely alright to grab an eight-year-old Jewish child and shoot her in the head.

    How are these posters any different from the Nazis? Do you see any different between their opinions and Eichmannn? I don't. They object to our lives as Jews. According to them we can only exist if we stop being Jews. It is submit, or die.

    Fuck them. I sincerely hope that this time, if we die, that we take as many of them with us as possible. It is past time for the worm to turn. We have put up with enough for too long.


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