Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anti-Semitism in Germany and on the HuffPo

In that bastion of liberal thought known as the Huffington Post's "Sports" section, an article was covered about a number of German soccer fans making Nazi salutes at an Israeli player for their own team. As usual, most of the Huffington Posters didn't much like this but others had the opposite reaction, including blaming the victims. Here are some of many examples:

And here's one more in response to an article criticizing Germans:

Aaah, isn't the HuffPo great?

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  1. By comparison the moderators, such as they are, have decided to ruthlessly weed out any comment that's not sympathetic to memory of Andrew Breitbart who died today. HuffPo needs to ensure it's viewed as being 'fair'....except of course when it's boiling over in antisemitism.


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