Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AP/HP Bias: Life on the Gaza Border

The Huffington Post picked up an article from the AP about an informal cease fire allegedly declared between Israel and Hamas. Check out this blatant lie from the body of the article:
Months of quiet along the Gaza-Israel border were shattered on Friday with Israel's killing of a militant commander in Gaza whom it accused of plotting to attack Israelis.
How exactly have there been "months of quiet"? In what universe has that been happening?

"Friday" is March 9th. According to the Qassam Count Twitter feed, there was one rocket fired Saturday March 3rd and three fired Thursday March 1st. There were six rockets fired over the weekend of February 18th and seven fired February 1st. I invite anyone interested to go to the Twitter feed and see exactly how many rocket attacks were covered up by this one sentence from the AP.

This kind of dishonesty is unacceptable for any mainstream media.

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  1. It's pretty clear by this point that violence against Jews is not really considered violence on the progressive-left and Jewish self-defense against that violence is considered a form of aggression.

    No doubt.

    Israel Thrives



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