Sunday, March 25, 2012

BDS Fail: Madonna Adds Second Concert

While minor acts like punk bands no one has heard of are swindled by the BDS lies, Madonna has added a second concert, called a Concert for Peace.

"The timeless queen of pop announced Wednesday that she would be giving a second show in Israel on May 31 for a special cause. Madonna has dubbed this new show a “Concert for Peace,” and has invited several organizations that are working for peace in the Middle East to attend.

“Music is so universal and if there’s any chance that through my performance I can bring further attention and enlightenment to honor the peace efforts in the Middle East and help people come together, it would be an honor for me,” Madonna said in a statement posted on her fan club website.

“It is my way of thanking those who are making so much effort toward bringing peace to the Middle East,” she added. "
 Naturally, the BDS movement opposes such ideas like "supporting the peace efforts" because that would mean "normalization" with Israel.

Of course, the HP didn't cover this news, it only covers news of the BDS movement succeeding such as with Elvis Costello, or news that it can put a BDS spin on like Elton John.

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