Thursday, March 29, 2012

CotD: Blurry Line between AZ and AS

Here's another comment of the day which, as usual, takes a step beyond simple "criticism" to engage in some bigotry:

First things first: I have never seen anyone say that using human shields is a "necessary tactic," no matter who was doing it or why. I have, however, seen anti-Zionists justify Hamas' use of them because "the Gaza strip is crowded" and "they have no choice."

The second paragraph, and the psychosis behind it, more or less speaks for itself.

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  1. FWIW after a long time of never going to, I did this week, and it makes Huffington Post sound semi rational in comparison. Glen Greenwald neo Nazi apologist is now called by Joan Walsh (occasional Chris Matthews Hardball guest) 'Our One Man Truth Squad" and the articles there are generally seething screeds about Obama, the government, all capitalism, the Jews, the GOP, most Democrats to the right of Lenin, organized religion (well Christianity and Judaism at any rate), the evils of all money, markets and corporations, people who aren't gay, all white people and everyone who doesn't live in San Fran, Park Slope Brooklyn, Racine Wis, or Austin Tx. It is truly a cesspit of raving insanity.


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